AquaGlo Emergent Caddis

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Hook: Daiichi 1130 Size 10 Scud Hook
Thread: Black 8/0 Uni-Thread
Body: Green Floss (Coated with AquaGlo) overlaid with 8 lb Mono
Thorax: Synthetic Hares Ear Dubbing
Wing: Wood Duck Marred Feather
Antennae: Wood Duck Barred Feather
Head: Tungsten Bead
Hackle: Soft Grey Under-Hackle from Saddle Feather

1. Start this fly by placing the bead over the hook point and sliding it up to the back of the hook eye. Secure the hook into the vice tightly, and attach the thread to the hook shank behind the bead. Tie in a six inch strip of eight pound mono and cover it with thread until you reach the bend in the hook shank. Advance the thread back up the hook shank and tie in a small strip of green floss fully-coated with AquaGlo. Wrap the floss down and back up the hook shank creating a smooth, even body.

  2. Wrap the mono up the hook shank carefully leaving no spaces between each successive wrap. Tie off the mono behind the bead.

3. At the 3/4 mark on the hook shank form a dubbing loop with the thread and insert some of the synthetic hare's ear dubbing. Spin the dubbing into a fuzzy robe and wrap this rope around the hook shank creating a thick thorax. Select a light colored wood duck barred feather and tie it over the body of the fly with the quills pulled forward on top of the hook eye. Tie in two single quills from the wood duck feather and separate them with the tying thread so that they form a V extending over the back of the fly.

4. Lastly tie in a grey soft hackle by its tip and palmer this hackle forward to the back of the bead head. Take a few turns of thread behind the bead head to push the soft hackle into a swept position. Whip finish the thread and cement the head thoroughly.

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